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New Yarns – Krea and Trenza

I love new ideas for yarn. I think the “Yarn Harlot” summed it up when she said “there are no knitting police”. The whole point for me is to enjoy the process of creation and the result.  Sometimes it’s a good thing I enjoy the process because it can take a long time to see the result. Not so with two new yarns from Katia – Krea and Trenza – both are super-bulky yarns which you can use to make scarves without using knitting needles. How? You use your hand and arm like a crochet hook! Start with a slip knot, put your hand through the loop and pull another loop of yarn through to create a chain. Voila! A short scarf takes one skein, a longer scarf will take two skeins.

I think I’ll be making some of these with my children, it’s a great starting point for learning to knit and crochet. (I used to “finger-knit” or make miles of cord with my french knitter.)

I’d be very interested to hear if anyone comes up with other ideas for these great yarns.